11 September 2008

DIY Slings

While typing up the previous entry, I received a box o' goodies from Slingworks. 50 feet of 1.5" OD webbing, 5 feet of velcro, HK hooks and other assorted odds and ends.

I'll be making a sling adaptor and a 3-point sling for my AR and my AK (1 sling for each). The sling adaptors move the sling from the bottom of the AR to the top, enabling the weapon to hang at the ready. During 6 years of humping an M16 in the Army, that was alwas the thing that bothered me the most- we had to jury-rig a proper tac sling out of paracord and the issue parade sling. I'm not sure if the 3-point design was around then- I got out in 1994- but it sure would have been handy. Most folks will think it a bit silly to make a tac sling for a civilian-owned AR15. Well, to an extent, yes. This is the same argument that can be made for owning an AR15, or for that matter, for owning car insurance or a fire extinguisher.

-Have I ever needed it? No.

-Do I expect to ever need it? Not really.

-Then why do you have it? Because if I ever need it, I'm going to need it DESPERATELY, RIGHT THE HELL NOW, and it'll be too late to get it.

After I've made the tac slings, I'll try my hand at making a Scout Sling, along the lines of Colonel Jeff Coopers thoughts on the subject of slings and shooting, and will put it on my Marlin 30-30 and SMLE No1MK4 Sporter.

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