13 September 2008

New Orleans Gun seizures STILL going on

This info comes to us from XavierThoughts:

The upshot (err, down-shot??)- The NOPD is back to their old tricks. Apparently they've been asking folks during routine traffic stops if they have any weapons- bear in mind that it's LEGAL to carry a weapon in Louisiana. When the citizen (who's done nothing more than a moving violation, if that) declares their weapon, they are asked if they have a receipt. Of course, they don't. The weapon is seized and the owner told they can get their weapon back after producing the receipt at such-and-such police station. They show up and- surprise, surprise- the weapon cannot be found.

Absolutely asinine. Why is this blatant violation of people's rights allowed to continue? This is by no means all that stinks in Louisiana- there's loads of evidence of corruption.

There's much more info at the above hyperlink. Please visit it and get the details.

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