09 November 2008

Sorry I've been gone...

I note from Statcounter that my traffic is up. WAY up. I even had comments to moderate. :)

Apparently my 2 visitors told someone, and they told someone, and now I've got folks that seem to be regularly returning to see if I've tripped my fingers round the keyboard and imparted my own brand of idiocy to the Internet. I am flattered!

I apologize for no new content in the last (does the math) 2.5 weeks. I've been pretty swamped at work as I've been shifting my hours around more than usual, so I'm either working or sleeping.

OK, so it's more like working, or supposed-to-be-sleeping-but-playing-Second-Life-instead. For the longest, I said I'd never participate in one of those MMORPG's, because "I know me... I'll lose sleep and not get anything done round the house". This was in response to the guys at work trying to get me to play World of Warcrack, and apparently I didn't apply the rule to SL.

No, I will not tell you who I am in the game so you can say "Hi", either. There are lines that must be drawn- this is one of 'em ;P