13 September 2008

Watching Foxnews now-- apparently the storm eyewall is hitting Galveston's Pleasure Pier (!?) at the moment. It's 40 miles wide, and there's a 20 foot surge with it.

They're expecting gasoline to TRIPLE in price, as Galveston is apparently one of the major processing points for gasoline in the US.

Wonderful. I'm just going to LOVE paying #300 in gasoline to ride my motorbike to work this month.

I'd ride the bicycle, but have a lot of gear that goes to work with me, and more to the point, I go through the worst area of town to get to work. I've already had a few hairy situations at 0500 in the morning going to work, don't want to think about those when I'm dealing with pedal-power.

As a bonus- I am prevented from going through this area while armed, as it's not legal to carry a weapon on the premises or have it in my vehicle.

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