15 September 2008

... Insomniac all night....

Well after a two week vacation, it's back to work here in a couple hours.

Errm, crap. In exactly 4 hours.

I've defaulted to what I think is my normal sleep pattern. I say "think", because after 5 years on this project, my sleep pattern is anything but normal. My hours change every week- it begins to drag on you after a bit, which is why I took these last 2 weeks off. So I've been pretty much narcoleptic nocturnal the last two weeks, up till about 0300, getting up 'round 1000.

Problem: I have to be up in about 2 1/2 hours, and at work by 0545.

It is now 0150.

I slept today yesterday, off and on, from 0300 to 0430. The wife started watching something in the den, which woke me up (I've taken to sleeping in the den when my schedule is opposite hers, as to not wake her- she is a light sleeper). So then I was up for two hours, and slept on and off till 1100. All told I might have gotten 5 hours. No nap during the day, which in itself is strange for me on this schedule, and about 1900 I started getting a little tired.

I SHOULD have laid down. But then my nocturnal side noticed the sun was down, and it was off to the races!

Spent the last 4 hours cleaning my office. In fact I tore it apart over the last couple days, to put in a much larger, nicer desk. I am in geek heaven now- two machines up, seperate keyboards and everything- so I can actually mess with Mandrake Linux without having to hop back and forth between the two machines via my KVM. Makes research and learning a new system MUCH easier. I even have room to setup my work laptop and work from home efficiently now! I'll have even more room once I get rid of the 17" Land-Yacht of a monitor and replace it with another Acer 19" flatscreen like the one my best friend just gave me. I loved the old Nokia before, but now that I've experienced LCD Lovin', there's no going back.

I even have storage in this room now. The desk is actually a bit of office cubicle furniture from a company that closed their VA office. Seen "Office Space"? Same stuff. Don't knock it, it's super sturdy and roomy- I have 6 times the deskspace I had before. Now I just have to deny my natural proclivity to fill all horizontal space with stuff. To that end, I've thrown away a lot of stuff I no longer use, too.

The wife probably is wondering where her husband's gone off to, because I have to admit that it's unlike me to try to tidy up and get things in order. High time I change that.

Next thing to organize: the garage. Yikes. This would help a great deal towards that end. It's 6 feet tall! It's got a radio built-in! With speakers! With a power distribution panel! Hell, it's got a refrigerator built in, for crying out loud!!

Oh yes.... I will have it.... ;)

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