23 September 2008

The Pocket Meme...

Can't recall where I saw this, but I've been meaning to do it for a week or so...

rules are simple:
-take everything out of your pockets (OK, lint and lunch receipts need not apply)
-take a pic of it
-tell us about it...

Starting at the upper right, that's a pocket office with a rite-in-rain notepad with a black Fisher bullet SpacePen and a blue Pilot G2, Motorola Razr (work cell, can't stand it), Taurus Millenium Pro PT145 (.45ACP) leather All-Ett (Best.Wallet.EVER) with a Spyderco Byrd (Fynch?) and Zippo I bought in Benning atop it, Spyderco Byrd (Cara Cara), a leather coin purse my grandfather bought for me 30 years ago, Victorinox SwissTool, and Surefire G2 with a 3-watt aftermarket LED.

With the exception of the firearm, I use all of this stuff daily. In the case of the firearm, I'm hoping to never need it.

I carry all of this everywhere I go, except for the firearm, which is carried anywhere I legally can. Sadly, that precludes my carrying it the one place I'm most likely to ever need it (work is in a bad part of town, but I'm not allowed to carry on Federal property). Unfortunately, the reality of needing a dry place to sleep and to eat regularly means I have to break the 1st rule of Concealed Carry: "If you are going somewhere you think you need a weapon, stay home!"

*2 knives? Yes- the large goes on weak side clipped to the pocket and is for larger tasks as well as a last-ditch defense against a gun-grab, and the small stainless goes in the strong side pocket and gets pulled out for day-to-day tasks. Some of the folks I work with get a bit skittish if I pull out a 3" long black and stainless blade along the likes of a Spyderco. Man, they'd have a conniption if they saw my rifles :)

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harpo said...

Hmmm .. nice parabraiding there on the keychain.