06 February 2009

2 X .22

Stood another hell watch last night-- did absolutely nothing, because all of our gear worked for a change. So we stayed awake and watched lots of movies.

Got off, and had a ton of errands to run- replace the battery in my truck, this that and the other thing- and dropped by the gun shop on the way home. The shelves are getting SKINT! Picked up a .22LR target pistol (Walther SP22) and a Ruger 10/22 semiautomatic rifle. After running a few mags through the pistol it became apparent a 6 oclock hold was called for, and it's a tack driver.

Pics and details forthcoming- as it is now, I have been up for 27 hours and have to do it all again in 6 hours. I'm off.. to sleep, perchance to dream... (yeah, right!)

The Tool is Tooling Up...

...or, I'm finally getting the holster-making business together.

Just ordered about $200 worth of leathercrafting goods from Tandy. 15 square-foot 8 ounce double shoulder, edgers, slickers, tragazanth gum, stains, sealers, groovers, the whole freaking lot of it.

Have 5 guys at work (carrying weapons when not on duty seems to go along with the job, here) alrady asking me to make holsters for them, and I've not even advertised yet. Also a couple guys from the range, and there's at least 3 holsters I want to make for my personal sidearms as well. Even if that's all I get out of this, it's break-even.

05 February 2009

Cavalry Arms Back in Production

A few months back, all of Cavarms' stock was seized by the BATFE goons for reasons not yet clear...

they've recently been allowed to go back into production, though they're not being given back the seized property as of yet.


They're pretty cheap, too. It's basically a Glock-ified AR15 lower receiver. Think I just found out where some of my tax refund is going...