12 September 2008

What if...

Thoughts on issues effecting us...

What if-

- a liberal, touchy-feely, it-will-all-be-ok-if-you-just-let-the-government-handle-it politician was elected to POTUS?

-a fully socialized medical system is implemented in the US?

- the climate models which support the Global Warming theory religion were all wrong... and NOT in a good way?

- a Superbug along the lines of Captain Tripps (any King fans out there?), but much deadlier, strikes the global community and rapidly kills off 60% or more of the population?

- The US and its Allies are involved in a war in Iran... and the enemy has our weapons (such as the Abrams tank). Things rapidly go to hell, to the point that units of the US military are encircled, cut off from any support whatsoever, and go rogue. All while the MSM's cameras are rolling and their footage editors are busily putting their own spin on the situation.

Any of these issues alone makes for good reading if you enjoy the Apocolyptic genre or are one with a mind to preparedness.

Now then, how about if ALL of this happens at once?


If this interests you at all, I suggest you pick up a copy of "The Last Centurion" by John Ringo. It's newly out (still in hardback), and makes for fascinating reading. What makes it more impressive is that the author goes into depth explaining the problems with socialized medicine, climate models, military tactics and engagements, and the like. I've not gotten very far into it- just the first 10 chapters, but am enthralled.

I realize $25 for a book can be a bit hard to take, especially if you're not a reader. Even more so if you're a voracious reader. I NEVER buy hardback books, due to the size, the price, and the fact that I don't read books, I consume them (I'm not allowed to borrow at the library anymore... wife's orders ;) ). But I read the first 8 chapters after a friend suggested that I take a look (thank you, R!) and was prompted to go ahead and pick up the book while grabbing some books for the wife's birthday recently. I can't put the book down now.

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