03 November 2009

So.. .how long till these guys are declared "terrorists"?

Anyone checked out the Oathkeepers site?

While I do feel they are in the right, I wouldn't at all put it past the present "leadership" to declare them terrorists.

You know, kinda like the rest of us, who are veterans, believe in the Constitution, the right to bear arms, etc, etc...

While I agree with their stance, I don't think I'd say it would be wise to go sign up on their forum-- seems a real handy damned way to get put on a watch list.

Yes, I am WELL aware of how paranoid that sounds, thank you. But lest we forget, the White House DID stand up a "snitch" line for just this sort of thing, publically, not too long ago.

02 November 2009

On my absence...


The good news is, I am fine. I had a minor upper respiratory thing going on last time I made that post, and it returned two weeks ago-- so I missed like a week's worth of work. :(

I'm fine folks-- just pretty fed up with the direction I see things going.

10 months ago I would not have given a second thought to speaking my mind. Now, with this... cabal... in power, I'm not so sure.

Every day I wake up and am just astounded at the absolute idiocy of our present "leadership". It's like they're TRYING to bring the whole system down. I wish that I could honestly say that is crazy talk, but looking at the track record of advisers, etc, I can't honestly say it's not possible that's exactly what they're after.

So, I bite my tongue, for the most part...

Some may say this is cowardice. I prefer to think it's being prudent. Because the more I see going on, the more it seems like the fight's ours, and the Cavalry ain't comin'...