21 February 2010

Wanted: Guinness Stout clone

So I've been looking for Guinness clone recipes, and am finding a lot of "like Guinness, but different in a slew of ways" hits

Does anyone that reads my blog have any idea what it is that gives Guinnes that amazing head, that.. ah hell, don't know how to describe it.. it's this:

Also, what is it that gives it that mouth feel, kinda like whole milk?

Still figuring out this brewing thing- lots of new things to learn, lots of new beer to try.

Since I've picked up brewing, I haven't looked at beer the same. Now it's more an intellectual pursuit, not just pursuit of a good buzz.

15 February 2010

Get Phil Jones to say the science is settled, all will be ok...

How's that global warming workin' for ya?

6" of snow here Saturday. CHARLESTON, South freakin' Cackalacki... you know, semi-tropical climate, that whole thing?

08 February 2010

You can learn a lot by watching youtube...

Been digging around the 'net for homebrewing info... I'd never have realized that extra time in the bottle would matter with beer...

Looks like I am NOT going to be drinking any of that West Coast Pale I bottled 10 days ago, for about another 20 days. GRRRRRRRRrrrrrrr

hmm.. definitely time to get some mead going again... that'll make me learn patience!!