23 September 2008

Aussie woman trapped in house by wild pig

So there's this woman, trapped in a house with a giant pig...
Much hand-wringing ensues, the lady feeds the wild pig, soothes its wounds and... ends up getting bitten for her trouble. Worse, the pig won't let her leave.

MORE hand-wringing, and "oh no, let's not harm the pig!"

I'm thinking that's a good chance for the nice lady to stock her freezer with ham for the next year or so. Probably her friends' freezers, too.

Mmmmm, bacon...

Given an ideal solution, we'd take the hide and sew a dead muji in it. Pigskin and all that, you know. ;)

(Where's a proper Aussie bloke larakin when you need one?)

and no, I'm not even going to comment on an opposable-thumb-equipped, tool-using human being outwitted and held captive by an animal that has none of those advantages... it's just too easy.


Michael said...

Promised not to harm the animal? WTF? That's what a 45/70 is for! Don't HARM it, just KILL it!

JAFO said...

Damn right, sir.

Though, having seen what a 45/70'll do (through-and-though a moose- both shoulders, most of the important viscera, and out the other side, dropping 'em right THERE), I have to think a 30-30 would be better suited. Hell, a 9mm will do the job, just kill it 'n grill it! :)