30 January 2010

Beef and Guinness Stew Recipe : : Food Network

Beef and Guinness Stew Recipe : : Food Network

experimenting with the "Share" function of Windows, i ran across this recipe- beef 'n Guinnes stew.

DEFINITELY gonna have to try this one... with my homebrew I just put in the fermenter.

Of late, I have gotten into homebrewing- just bottled my first batch, a West Coast Pale Ale- and have a second batch (Archer's Orchard hard cider) that will be bottled next week. I will be bottling this Irish Stout in two weeks.

'Course, after bottling, everything has to sit in the bottle for two weeks to carbonate- so I am looking at two weeks till I can taste the fruits of my labor... but afterwards, I will have more beer than I know what to do with!

17 January 2010

Pink: Oh My God

Uhhh, Yummm....

EDIT: Cheeky bastards at Youtube have removed it for "adult content". Apparently Madonna's videos are just fine though :rolls eyes:

Check this out for an idea of what I'm all about here...
Pink, "Oh My God"

16 January 2010

Yaaaay, beer!

(with apologies to Red Stripe)

Picked up a Mr Beer kit today at the local kitchen supply place. It took all of 30 minutes to sanitize the equipment and start my first batch of beer going. In 2 weeks I will be able to bottle it, and I am going to *TRY* to wait at least two weeks after that till I drink it.

First batch is the standard West Coast Pale Ale- I'm not a huge fan of pales, but you don't get a choice as the pale is what comes with the kit first off. My next batch will be an Irish Red (think "Killian's") followed perhaps by a German Hefeweisen (if it comes out anything like Paulaner Hefeweissen Dunkle, the person who came up with this kit is my new best friend).

One can also brew their own hard cider in the same kit- or rootbeer. I am not a huge fan of rootbeer, but the wife and kid are- I may have to surprise them with a batch.

I grabbed a twelver of a local brewerie's sampler pack last night, and had two beers out of it (strictly to save the bottle, don'tchaknow). I am now a little hung over- WTF?!?!

The two gallons of beer I have on brew are gonna last me a bit, I think :)

Vonage offering free calls to Haiti for *all* US Callers

Found this when I logged into my Vonage account:

Service Announcements
Vonage is committed to helping during difficult times. In the wake of the recent devastating earthquake in Haiti, Vonage is currently offering free international dialing to Haiti for all U.S. callers. Dial 800-809-2503 and follow the instructions to place a free 10-min call. We encourage you to pass this Vonage toll-free number along to non-Vonage customers who want to call Haiti.

Remember, calls to Haiti are free only if you use this toll-free number to place the call. If you dial from your home phone without using the 800 number, you’ll incur standard long-distance charges. Please note that due to infrastructure limitations in Haiti, you may experience difficulty reaching your party successfully. This free calling service to Haiti may be discontinued at any time.

Please note this is not just for Vonage customers. It's for ALL US callers to Haiti.