25 September 2008

Came across this on a discussion thread I scanned through- interesting...

It's a plan to address the economic and fuel woes we're presently experiencing.

"Here the plan-

1)The government passes legislation to lift the bans on offshore drilling.

2)Pass legislation making ANWR immediately accessible for drilling.

3)Incorporate the ANWR drilling sites and Offshore drilling sites under one corporation. Make the corporation public. The government can buy a couple hundred billion dollars worth of shares. The value of the shares will increase rapidly as American oil will be replacing foreign oil.

4) The government can sell their shares gradually. This will result in the government making a substantial profit which can be pumped into the economy."

I'm sure no financial expert, but this is very intriguing to me. Why wouldn't it work? Of course the immediate reason is, #2 stands a snowball's chance in hell. But if it came to pass, why wouldn't the rest work?

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