25 March 2009


I've received several callbacks lately- as expected, most are contract-to-hire positions. I'm not terribly enthused about that, but can understand it.

A couple look pretty good-- slight pay cut on one hand, but stable hours which would enable me to pick up some side work, and get in school.

I've been able to get so much done at the house- even getting a bit organized for once, having put up a couple whiteboards in my office so I have a way to write down To-do lists and the like, and don't have to worry about losing them. :)

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15 March 2009

Second week of being jobless...

- ok, I'm feeling MUCH better-rested.

-I'm spending soo much more time with the kid (great!) and the wife (she doesn't seem so amused!)

-the job prospect that looked so good- tanked. They wanted more systems integration (I could have spun my experience on that end) and programming (not a fuckin' clue).

-I am well and fully sick of sitting around the house. Was gonna go rabbit hunting, but that ended on 01MAR. Turkey season is coming up- so I've got my shotgun ready and will get some #4 buck and give it a go on opening day (01APR).

-Currently working on a holster for my BUG. It's a Taurus 85UL in .38SPL. It'll be IWB, clipped, similar to an old holster I got from HighNoon. This is my first "from the ground up" design, so we'll see how it goes. Will be making a OWB beltslide or my P11/P40 next.

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06 March 2009

First week of being jobless-

- hasn't been so bad.

I'm SOOO much better-rested, with an accompanying amount of increase in positive outlook on life, time with my wife and child, and believe it or not- less stress.

I also have several VERY hot irons in the fire, and expect I will have a job offer shortly. It pays to network.

I fully expect to manage a sizable raise out of this situation, actually. Yes, in this economy. Nuts, eh?

03 March 2009

Well, no more hell watches....

wow, been almost a month...

I am no longer on that task that I was on before, that resulted in the flip-flop hours and one SEVERELY grumpy IT Geek.

In fact, as it happens, I am no longer on ANY task.

This actually works out. I have consulting work that can get me by, and finally have time to study up and catch up on a few certifications I've put on the back burner (ok, in the pantry, way the hell away from the stove).

I hate to sound trite, but each closed window opens new doors. Or, whatever the hell the phrase is. But the point is- where when I lost my job my immediate reaction was "OMG, When in trouble or in doubt,Run in circles, scream and shout!!" Now, I actually am rather relieved. I was on that project WAAAAAAAYYYY too long- and to be honest, it was mostly my fault. I didn't train up when I could have, at company expense, and stuck myself on a dead-end road. Got tired of it, fed up, frustrated, and unchallenged, and became a classic example of burnout.

Now? I have to say, the feeling is one of.... "relief". To an EXTREME degree.

I am aware my former coworkers are laughing at me. I just don't CARE. Have a good one, guys- I escaped and am actually the happier for it.

Bad decisions made, lessons learned. Moving forward.

(now, if anyone happens to know of any IT work in the South Carolina lowcountry, do tell, hear?)