04 September 2008

So here we go...

I've been wanting to have a place to gather my Blogroll and such, and figure this is as good a way as any.

I don't pretend to know much about the inner workings of politics, but damnit, I can run a keyboard as well as most of 'em. ;)

My starting a blog is largely prompted by the leftists' behaviour on so many fronts. I suppose you could say I'm one of those that "cling to their God(s) and guns" as Barrack Hussein Obama said.

You may agree with me. You may not. We all have the right to that in this country- let's keep it respectful though.

A little about me:
-Politically, I am in the center. Only very slightly in the Republican camp. I vote mostly Republican, only because that party has been less hijacked by the extremists than has the Democratic party. I vote for the man, not the party. It so happens I find myself agreeing with the Republicans more than the Democrats.

-I'm not Christian.
.. so right off the bat, let's dismiss some of the most common misconceptions:

-I am not vegan. In fact, I hunt. I loves me a cheeseburger. Too much. :^/

-I do not believe the bunk that is Human-caused global warming. It is NOT science, it is NOT a theory, it is a religion more than anything.

-I am not gay. If anything, I am asexual, if you must know. (A, meaning without, for those who don't recall their biology root words). Moving along...

-I do not use drugs. In fact I'm against their use. I don't believe we need to be filling our courts and prisons with minor cases of simple possession and such, while also letting out hardened felons along the order of murderers, rapists, and so on.

-I do not support gun control. Funny situation, there: I used to. This is an entirely other blog post...

-I do bathe, thanks. At least twice a day in fact. ;)

-I support the GWOT. I support the extermination by any means necessary, of all enemies of Western Democracy. If the enemy wants to be treated in accord with the Geneva Convention and Hague Accords, they need to man up, shoulder a weapon AND don a uniform, and meet us on the field of battle, like men and warriors, not the cowards they are.
(Don't bother running, you'll only die tired)

-I do not support Big Government, Socialized Medicine, or anti-abortion laws. While I, personally, am against the latter, it is not Government's place to tell a woman what she can do with her body. I do understand that this is a sticky situation, either way, though.

-I support the 2nd Amendment, and the individual right to keep and bear arms. Again, a future blog post...

- and in case you haven't figured it out by now- I'm NOT AT ALL "politically correct"...

there will be references to shapely females, firearms, an occasional wee dram o' Scotch, perhaps a fine cigar now and again, and bawdy jokes and limericks posted in this space now 'n again.

Can't deal? Now would be a good time to find another blog.

Just a bit to get started... more later...

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