06 September 2008

Obama given access to state secrets...

What.The fuck.OVER?

First of all, I am amazed that someone who's admitted to cocaine use can even GET a security clearance, as I know someone who recently was pulled from a project after admitting recreational marijuana use, resulting in his inabilty to get a MUCH lower security clearance rating. Nevermind Obama's association with Anti-American persons and admitted terrorists.

The federal government provides a “Questionnaire for National Security Positions” to people eligible for a security clearance. There are several requests for information that Obama might find difficult to answer. They include “Other names used” by applicant, “Citizenship of your relatives and associates,” “Your foreign activities,” and “Your use of illegal drugs and drug activity.” I'd dearly love to see those answers.

Article that's prompted this post: http://www.the-two-malcontents.com/2008/09/05/bush-gives-state-secrets-to-obama/

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