19 October 2008

Just lost all respect for Colin Powell

So Powell's done what there's been rumor of for months, and come out supporting Obama.

While I don't think it's "just because he's black", I do believe that it indicates that Powell's not showing the best judgement.

I hereby retract any and all indicators of support for Powell in my previous posts or comments (both personally and in the blogosphere), and am strongly considering retracting my opinion of him as "a good man".

REMARKABLY ill-advised, General. I'm glad you didn't this lack of judgement when I served under you. Sir.


Brigid said...

Sidebar add -go to to your dashboard, they layout. Click on "add gadget" and then "add picture". You can save on the picture by right clicking it which saves it to your computer and then upload it to the layout. Pretty easy.


Fyremandoug said...

Yup Colon P just crapped on the floor for me.

JAFO said...

folks- let's be respectful.

I will not stand for people intentionally misspelling other folks' names to slander them, no matter how unfortunate the name may be.

It's Colin Powell, not Colon Powell.

It's Barack Hussein Obama, or if you prefer, Barack Obama, or even BHO. Not Barack Osama.

Don't want to be the PC police here, but let's call each thing by its proper name, shall we? You want to go calling folks by funny names, there's plenty of space out in The Black, and you're welcome to use it, but as long as you sit here at this table you'll keep a civil tongue in your head, clear?

This applies more than anyone, to me. If I can control myself and post something a bit more comprehensible than the RCOB-tinted-rant that I normally go off on when I watch the news, you can too.


JAFO said...

Forgot to mention-

the last post is all said with a mind to admitting I probably agree with you.

Now- the steaks are on the barbie (Brigid, I'd like your advice on 'em if you can bear to eat my cooking), the Guinness on tap, the whiskey flows like water, and the range is in the back. I run a hot range, so take care, or just prop your feet up, stay a while, and watch the game with me, hear?

Fyremandoug said...

I can respect that

But I still think he pooped on the floor

and have you ever committed a sin and used the Guinness to marinade the steak in.......Not to bad

JAFO said...


I agree with you.

and I haven't tried the Guinness marinade. But I will soon.

Fyremandoug said...

this is the recipe I used