06 January 2012

Getting my home cookin on...

So due to having the flu, I wasn't able to participate in a noble Southern Tradition-

Hoppin' John, collard greens, and barbeque for New Years' Day.

It's been entirely too long since I used the barbeque for anything more than a fire pit, let alone used black iron to cook more than a grilled cheese sandwich, and now I'm feeling better I think I will split my time outside this weekend with going through the truck project and cooking up some good food.

I made two loaves of Irish soda bread a couple days ago (while I was still sick, even- promises to keep to my kid!)- one white, one wheat. Both are excellent, and were super easy. I really need to bake more often, I haven't even got the cast pans I was given by a dear friend last year properly broken in yet... :/

I am thinking the menu this weekend will consist of hoppin' John, greens (though I may wimp out and do frozen), and maybe a couple steaks for the wife and I. At the very least I am looking for some reason to cook over campfire- the hoppin john can be done in a dutch oven, and the steaks will cook nicely on my lodge Sportsman's grill, as I need to get some more oil into the exterior of it since I left it out a few months back.

Pics will follow...


Wiccapundit said...

Hoppin' John and greens. Mmmmm, the staff of life for a Southerner on New Year's Day.

Glad you found our blog. We'll be reading yours.

JAFO said...

So I promised pics- they haven't occurred, because the cookout hasn't occurred. The Irony Fairy visited, reminding me not to remark how long it's been since I've been sick.
I am *hoping* to do the cookout this coming weekend. I'm thinking steaks, greens, and maybe grilled corn and potatoes. I cheated and had canned Hoppin' John last week. Yes, they were as lousy as you'd imagine. :(