15 March 2009

Second week of being jobless...

- ok, I'm feeling MUCH better-rested.

-I'm spending soo much more time with the kid (great!) and the wife (she doesn't seem so amused!)

-the job prospect that looked so good- tanked. They wanted more systems integration (I could have spun my experience on that end) and programming (not a fuckin' clue).

-I am well and fully sick of sitting around the house. Was gonna go rabbit hunting, but that ended on 01MAR. Turkey season is coming up- so I've got my shotgun ready and will get some #4 buck and give it a go on opening day (01APR).

-Currently working on a holster for my BUG. It's a Taurus 85UL in .38SPL. It'll be IWB, clipped, similar to an old holster I got from HighNoon. This is my first "from the ground up" design, so we'll see how it goes. Will be making a OWB beltslide or my P11/P40 next.

-Welcome to the blogroll, Baked Porkchop Goodness!

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