06 February 2009

The Tool is Tooling Up...

...or, I'm finally getting the holster-making business together.

Just ordered about $200 worth of leathercrafting goods from Tandy. 15 square-foot 8 ounce double shoulder, edgers, slickers, tragazanth gum, stains, sealers, groovers, the whole freaking lot of it.

Have 5 guys at work (carrying weapons when not on duty seems to go along with the job, here) alrady asking me to make holsters for them, and I've not even advertised yet. Also a couple guys from the range, and there's at least 3 holsters I want to make for my personal sidearms as well. Even if that's all I get out of this, it's break-even.

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azurevirus said...

Good luck on ur new biz..I was thinking about getting into that myself as my dad used to be into it pretty good in his younger days..made alot of stuff for soldiers when he was in the military..I was stumbling around one day in a torage thing we have and found a wooden box with some of his tools i there...but as usual any idea I like gets put on the back burner for higher priority projects..I know I wanted to make somethings for myself such as a backpack and holsters for my pistols..but thats just the way things go