06 February 2009

2 X .22

Stood another hell watch last night-- did absolutely nothing, because all of our gear worked for a change. So we stayed awake and watched lots of movies.

Got off, and had a ton of errands to run- replace the battery in my truck, this that and the other thing- and dropped by the gun shop on the way home. The shelves are getting SKINT! Picked up a .22LR target pistol (Walther SP22) and a Ruger 10/22 semiautomatic rifle. After running a few mags through the pistol it became apparent a 6 oclock hold was called for, and it's a tack driver.

Pics and details forthcoming- as it is now, I have been up for 27 hours and have to do it all again in 6 hours. I'm off.. to sleep, perchance to dream... (yeah, right!)


azurevirus said...

A couple of fun guns ya got there for sure

Michael said...

Sweet! I would like to have several more rimfires at my house.

JAFO said...

I have my eyes on a target model Remington in .22LR- bull barrel, sniper stock, and all.

We're supposed to be getting bonus checks from work this coming Monday, so with luck it'll be mine shortly.

Michael said...

I'm trying very hard to start up with the reloading deal. It's been slow to start into. I'm sure we will be shooting reloads before too long though. We're thinking about hitting an Appleseed even this Summer. If so, we will need some kind of low-cost ammunition alternative!

JAFO said...

I can't suggest Lee equipment enough. Cheap and effective.

Carteach has an article coming up on a portable reloading kit. Would advise keeping an eye out. I bet he's using a Lee Hand Press!

Brigid said...

The 20+ hour shifts are not fun.

I'm finding reloading supplies as hard to come by as ammo around some areas. Wish I'd bought more earlier on.