17 June 2012

Randomosity: catching up

OK, I've been away for a while- well not so much away as lazy, but whatever...

Random stuff over the last year or so:
-it's taken most of the year, but my truck is just about ready to put back on the road. It's finally (most of) the way the General should have built it in the first place...
-My welding skills... sucked, but now rock!
-got myself a Mosin M38 carbine AND a Victor Arms AK47... for less than $300
-sold the Mosin to my boss, as I needed the money at the time (this was while I was on the 6 month contract to hire gig, making shit for pay..... but rocking their world in terms of work performance
-went fulltime at that gig, getting a nice stipend in pay.
-became, on paper at least, a Senior Network Admin... over my head, but swimming like a mofo to fake it till I make it
-went through the NOC version of an Anal Exam, called a DIACAP. We passed, very well
-started relying less on the faking it, and more on the making it.. ie, grew into my Sr NetAdmin role. I LOVE IT!
-have changed out my EDC kit a bit, will do some reviews as time goes on. Short list: Duluth Trading Company pants simply kick all manner of ass. Expensive, sure- but they also have a lifetime warranty. Simply put, you wear 'em out, they send you new ones, shipping included. I am a thick sort, and always wear out the crotch of my pants- we'll see what happens with this...
-Nearly forgot to renew my CWP in time. I've been carrying for 4 years now. How time flies. I will have to go without for 2 months as they process my renewal. For some reason they're backed up and taking every bit of the 90 days they are allowed. (Sarcasm)I am sure I can't imagine why(/sarcasm)

There's some other stuff, too- that I am not sure I want to get into, here.

Why have I been a "silent key" for so long? In truth it is partly lazyness and humbleness- I just don't believe anyone wants to read my crap. But the main reason, quite honestly- pains me:

I simply don't need to catch the eye of the administration. I find myself having to second-guess everything I say, since the present administration likes to see enemies and terrorists among anyone that disagrees with their methods and views.

I HATE that it's come to this.

I want to get one thing clear: I am not, nor will I ever be, embracing any sort of revolt or do I consider myself an enemy of the administration. That said- I truly believe that the present administration is not keeping the interests of the country as a whole in their practices and procedures. What will I do about this? I will vote, and urge others to do so as well. To do otherwise would seem uncivilized, and unwarranted.

I pray that I am not in the minority, and that our present "leader" receives a sound thrubbing at the ballot box, which affords them no alternative but to graciously accept defeat and ceed power to the majority opinion.

However, if they don't, I wouldn't be at all surprised. I wouldn't put it past them to get every dirty trick out for this one.. like giving amnesty by Dictat to illegals.

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