02 November 2009

On my absence...


The good news is, I am fine. I had a minor upper respiratory thing going on last time I made that post, and it returned two weeks ago-- so I missed like a week's worth of work. :(

I'm fine folks-- just pretty fed up with the direction I see things going.

10 months ago I would not have given a second thought to speaking my mind. Now, with this... cabal... in power, I'm not so sure.

Every day I wake up and am just astounded at the absolute idiocy of our present "leadership". It's like they're TRYING to bring the whole system down. I wish that I could honestly say that is crazy talk, but looking at the track record of advisers, etc, I can't honestly say it's not possible that's exactly what they're after.

So, I bite my tongue, for the most part...

Some may say this is cowardice. I prefer to think it's being prudent. Because the more I see going on, the more it seems like the fight's ours, and the Cavalry ain't comin'...

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