10 September 2009

Out sick :(

So I called out sick yesterday, and just now as well.

Being sick, sucks.

Other than the physical illness part, I ALWAYS feel like I am faking it, even when there's evidence to the contrary.

Nevermind the fact I didn't eat yesterday ( I loves me my food, as you can tell if you've met me :/ ), threw up, and etc. I have a 3 degree above normal fever and feel like crap. I feel like everyone's seeing the email I sent in, rolling their eyes dramatically, and sighing loudly with a very put-upon feel to the whole thing.

It doesn't help that there's an inspection, and someone else is going to have to address my cube in my absence- even though I rarely work at that facility. (Note to self- keep things straightened out in said cube, going forward).

Also, since a large portion of the engineering staff was out for the whole of last week, the Director actually put out a notice that if you don't feel well and have a fever, you should stay home.

But in all, I keep feeling like "well the fever isn't debilitating, and not 105, so suck it up and drive on". I intellectualy get that I *am sick* and should stay away from work lest I make the whole damned building sick. But I'm the guy that says this H1N1 thing is much worry about nothing (I am not a doctor, just cranky) and even though I am not claiming to have it and don't have any medical training, I still feel like I am riding the coattails of it to get a couple free days off.

Even though I know I am not.


Michael said...

Yuck! Being sick is the suck. I hope you get to feeling better soon!

Howlsatmoon said...

SICKNESS IS VERBOTEN!!! Besides that, as Michael says, it sucks.

Whiskey, just alittle, Lemon, Honey and a dash of Garlic are in order..........heated of course.

Feel better.....Lurker Wollf.

Brigid said...

Are you better?. . . that post is pretty old. . :-)

James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Hello...? Hello...? This is a wellbeing check...

Hope all is well.