16 June 2009

There's strange... and there's ARMY strange...

- and now for something completely different...

Just ran across DeltaBravoSierra, a webcomic loosely based upon the cartoonist's experiences in the military...


(I'm assuming the artist won't mind, as I'm linking to and promoting his site. I get nothing out of this, folks, just sharing. Author: if you mind, pipe up!)

This one's gonna be linked to as a cartoon feed on the main page if I ever figure out how to do so!


Delta Bravo Sierra said...

This is DBS. I'm at work so I thought I would leave the instructions here (others might be able to use them as well)

1. Go to: http://www.deltabravosierra.us/embed/ and click on the code inside the box labeled "for horizontal display." It is the first box on the page. When all of the code is highlighted (click and highlight) hit copy command (either on menu above under edit-copy or control-c or on Mac command-c)

2. Now, with the code copied on your clipboard log in your Admin panel of your Blogger blog, add an "html" widget box to your sidebar where you would like to display the cartoon.

3. Position your cursor to the front of the html box you have added and hit control-v (for pc), or command-v (for Mac).

Save changes, and refresh window for cartoon to display. Sometimes you may need to clean your cache file for a new widget to show properly. If you have tried all of those things, please feel free to write to me at claire@kneedeepinthehooah.com for further instructions.
Hope this helps!

JAFO said...

Thanks DBS-- all I was doing wrong was not putting the HTML widget in.


Thanks again!

Delta Bravo Sierra said...

Glad to do it. Take care.