15 June 2009

Footage from the ground in Tehran...

Hattip to Breda over at Bredafallacy.....

Can't stop the signal

Personally I don't hold much hope for them-- but they're *trying*.

The other bloke that's running for election isn't much better-- after all, everyone that ran for election had to be given the nod by the Revolutionary Council (or whatever they're calling it in Iran)- point is, they're not exactly going to let some true freedom-loving antithesis to the present jackass that's running the show there, oppose said jackass.

But, you know-- it's a start.

What shames me is that if the same situation were to happen here in the US I don't know that I could expect my countrymen to stand up for what's right. After all- there's stuff to watch on the boob tube!

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