13 January 2009

Defend your 2A rights

Hattip to The Shootist @ http://www.theshootist.net/

Cut off a foot to save your Arms

Basically, it's a similar prospect as what finally prompted Congress to get off their duffs and get started on securing our borders. Except instead of mailing bricks, it's mailing 1' sections of lumber with an attached message.

If one of them arrives? A curiousity...

100 of them? a minor annoyance....

10,000 of them, an obvious indicator of intent.


Anonymous said...

How about post a "fair use" snippet?

The page you linked requires identity disclosure, and the more-experienced ones of us refuse to "sign in" to WWWeb pages. There would be no need for gun registration if the bad people could just get us all to sign a traceable "I want my guns" petition. Did you think about that?

Do you understand that making up a fake name doesn't mask which computer you're using and when?

JAFO said...

uhm yeah. You might say I DO understand that.

I work in Information Security. I know a thing or two about this.

Do YOU understand that, posting anonymously does NOT make your comment anonymous? You can still be tracked.

But, you tried to educate me on it, that was cute. Or something.